Thursday, September 15, 2005

“An Ancient wisdom” – black Arabica after free lunch

A Swedish Managing Director asked me the other day.
:/: What is your opinion about leadership?

Whooops! Blaar! Whaat? In this creative business?
It’s not an easy question, at all

x/x Leadership is kind of situation.
When you’re in front, you have to be a shield (it’s like a car’s bumper too) for your troops.
When you’re in the middle, you have to be able to spread your creative aura to them.
When you’re in the back, you have to kick their butts to move on.

(Then quiet. He looked at me for about 5 minutes. Quite long for man to man situation)

:/: How do you find it?
x/x That’s what I am doing
:/: I meant, how do you know?
x/x My father told me. It’s a Javanese ancient wisdom

(Then quiet again. He looked at me for about 2 minutes. Quite costly for a commercial’s duration)

:/: Can I see your father?
x/x He’s died 5 years back, right before you promoted me as a CD

(Then he bought me lunch. Not bad at all)


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