Tuesday, September 13, 2005

“Presentation bloopers” – flies on cappuccino cup

One ::
There was an important pitch presentation.
Never got enough sleep as normal, ‘til morning when we ready for the big show.
Then this things happened.
Surrounded by 20 people from the client side, we couldn’t manage to set our laptop on for 15 minutes.
It was Toshiba, I recall.
Instant decision to transfer data to my PowerBook (I love Mac) was taken. Everything seemed so smooth but our heartbeats.
My turn arrived toward the end. Nothing impressive at all as everything stolen badly up front. I tried hard to recover. Joke didn’t turn out as a joke. Ice breaker seemed useless.

And here is the big moment.
A coffee guy shown up with full of hospitality, no doubt! Everyone got their tea or coffee cup.
Then he walked straight to me whilst I spread out total blast of my presentation’s aura.
He completely stopped my show.
“Pak, mau teh apa kopi?”
Goosh! Everybody laughed.
I was totally mute.

Two ::
That was an afternoon when Sesek came to my office cubical.
# “Finally I manage to sell my car, someone will come here to see and pay today”
He said so enthusiastic.
God blessed him – at least that’s what I thought.

Two hours later.
## “What happened?”
# “Everything agreed, and so was the money”
## “And…?”
# “I couldn’t start the engine! Damn it!”
## “And…?”
# “What and? I just said, it’s never happened before! Then he’s gone”


  • At 8:17 PM, Blogger Cynth said…

    The overdue promise I made about the kind of coffee you are

    I'm a silly soy latte! What the hell is that??
    It doesn't even sound like coffee...

  • At 10:06 PM, Blogger Mister G said…

    Whaaa...thanks Cynth. Soy latte ....ummmm, it's kind of blended coffee for backpacker, thirsty traveller or globe trekker. I guess it would fit you heuheuheuheu...
    As a Starbucks lover I am an espressoooooo....hooeeks!


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