Monday, October 10, 2005

“Quotes of the colony” – a coffee break

Alejandro Lopez (during a toilet break) : “You look great” (am I?)
Alex Lim (with noodle bowl) : “I am trying not to”
Chan Lee Shon (in the rush) : “Nothing changed lah”
Bhanu Inkawat (end of session) : “Look at this. Jakarta’s works” (heart beat)
Andrew Bell (Taj Mahal Hotel-Mumbai) : “Lick.Lick.Lick.Peanut.Peanut” (oh my God)
Shapoor Batliwala (between his whistle) : “Hello my friend”
Donald Gunn (sipping espresso) : “Yess, we’re in the same family”
Berndt Soderbom (at any time) : “Work smart. Not work hard”
Nick Souter (with typical expression) : “Too many craps!”
Jane Fraser (queues for a cab) : “Yippiee…”
Truddi Harris (on the phone) : “No dress code. You’re creative person. Be free”
Tay Guan Hin (taking salad) : “Did you sent lot of entries?” (Oh nooo…)
Agnello Dias (with ton of prints) : “How’s Jakarta look like?”
Richard Irvine (sat in the back row) : “Nothing special, right?”
Thomas Shultze (bir competition) : “I am in the pole position”
Michael Conrad (call from Frankfurt) : “Hi G, still remember me?/
Who is this?/I am Michael/Sorry, which Michael?/Michael Conrad/
Of course I do (how fool I am)
Akira Kagami (breakfast) : “Very hard to do car commercial”
Jimmi Lam (coctail party) : “I kicked your partner’s ass to move”
Ishibashi (handshakes) : "Congratulations"
Linda Locke (slips between the lane) : “I smell a problem between you and your MD.
Let’s talk. Breakfast at 07:00”
Yasmin Ahmad (with her bitchy look) : “Wis mangan Mas?” (Durung!)


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